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Save Time By Scanning Paper Documents

Kodak 3520 Paper ScannerIf you've got a filing cabinet--or desk--overflowing with documents, or if you want more thoughtful file management in general, scanning can save you space, time, and ultimately money.

The critical step in creating the most usable database is unitizing or breaking the documents in the most logical fashion. It is also a big part of the job. If you simply need to keep a record of the paperwork and do not plan on accessing the file, unitizing is not critical. You could scan 2500 pages into one document without a break if you don’t plan on retrieving it.

What good is database if you can’t quickly and easily retrieve documents?
At Midwest, our goal is to build you a usable database for which you can sort and search (because of OCR) to quickly find the document you are looking for. This requires breaking the document down by box, by file, by binder, by paper clip and by staple. It’s more WORK because it WORKS BETTER!

On a tight budget? Save money on your next scanning project with smart tips from Midwest. Do you need to have the papers re-assembled, re-stapled, re-clipped? Cut over 1/3 of your cost!


A Fortune 100 company needed to keep their formulas from the past 100+ years. There was historical value and more importantly, a need to refer to them as they were on file with the FDA and other regulatory bodies. All their new formulas were being created electronically, so a new database had been created. Midwest worked directly with the scientists who would be utilizing the database to understand how and why the database would be used. We then proposed a custom solution that included scanning, OCR (to make them searchable) and coding the database to customize their access. The database was created in Excel with hyperlinks to each original image. Because it is in Excel, the customer can easily transport the database in the future to nearly any format…thinking ahead.