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Midwest is a commercial license holder.

LexisNexis® Hosted FYI™

A Secure, Easy-to-use Web-based Review Tool

To control costs, minimize risk and maximize internal resources, litigation teams need a reliable, cost-effective and experienced partner to host their discovery. LexisNexis® Hosted FYI™ delivers comprehensive data management know-how for processing, storing, retrieving, analyzing, reviewing, redacting and sharing discovery documents.

Robust Security

Hosted FYI employs leading perimeter and backend network security, firewall and intrusion detection systems, maintains ultra high-speed Internet connections, co-location facilities and terabytes of scalable disk storage. We also employ the finest data mirroring and failover technology, as well as multiple layers of physical security. With Hosted FYI, you can be confident that your data is always there and always secure.

Skilled Project Management and Product Support

When you need assistance, our expert project managers and tech support are there to help. Our project support team works with you throughout the life of the case.

Reliable Data Management

Our team is dedicated to protecting the integrity of your discovery data. All documents are tracked through the Hosted FYI chain of custody process. Our procedures and protocols exceed the most rigorous standards.

Effective Disaster Recovery

In the event of a major disaster, your team can be up and running again quickly with immediate access to your crucial litigation documents. With Hosted FYI, you can be confident that your data is always there and always secure.

Excellent Data Capacity and Processing

The Hosted FYI data processing systems can quickly and securely convert thousands of documents every hour. We have the systems and expertise to meet your needs, including the ability to accommodate hundreds of concurrent users per case.

Some of the award-winning features of the FYI Reviewer include:
  • Intuitive User Interface: ideal for the uninitiated
  • Built-in Image Viewer: quickly retrieve, view, and annotate scanned images
  • Multi-level tag foldering: group facts by category for quick retrieval
  • Streamlined Case Organization: easily find matters and documents
  • High-Speed, High-Performance: built on the tried and true Concordance engine
  • E-mail and E-discovery Repository: quickly review native files
  • Simple Search in the style of the Google™ search engine: perfect for your techno-phobic users
  • Powerful Right-Click Features: utilize all your Concordance favorites from Tally to Send to Excel®
  • Search Multiple Databases Simultaneously: cut down on review time
  • Multi-Select Records, Drag & Drop Tagging: tremendous timesavers

Utilizing the award-winning FYI software, LexisNexis offers a secure, centralized, multi-user Web review tool that can be quickly deployed for law firms, corporations and government agencies.

Outsource Risks and Technology Burden
  • Reduce internal administration and infrastructure costs
  • Employ fail-safe disaster recovery
  • Freedom to focus on case strategy
Improved Financial Control
  • Pay month to month as you need it
  • Simplified billing (you receive one bill)
Neutral Third Party
  • Trusted environment for collaboration
  • Highly secure user log-in and public/private folders ensures exclusive access
Proven Review Platform
  • Hosted FYI utilizes the Concordance back-end, employed by the largest cases litigated today
  • Industry standard, award-winning interface reduces review time

Midwest now has the ability to provide you with a secure connection to view your documents On Line! Our remote access options present a new approach to document storage and viewing. Some of the advantages to having your cases hosted on line are:

  • All loading of documents are done by the professional IT staff at Midwest Imaging.
  • This will keep your Network storage space open and Network costs down.
  • You can view the latest document productions sooner, as Midwest loads documents shortly after imaging them.
  • Backups (with off site storage) and database maintenance are done daily.
  • You have consistent database formats filtering through Midwest as your single vendor.
  • Having access to the vast experience of Midwest’s IT experts to customize, or troubleshoot your database.
I’ve Tried Web Access Before…

Speed and printing issues that have plagued shared systems in the past have been solved. Our system has been brutally tested by our own remote users who continue to use it to code, search and tag in a canned software with virtually no speed or printing issues. 

Security and Confidentiality

Your documents are confidential. Midwest will work with you to maintain that privacy. Our IT staff has taken steps to lockdown the system using industry standards.


The intent of our database hosting service is to give support to our Imaging and eData Support clients. Midwest has multiple terabytes of Network storage space available to handle large cases.

For more information contact:

Shawn Olley. She is here to help you find the most efficient and cost effective solution. You can reach her directly at 414-764-2772 or solley@mwedata.com

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