Paralegal Listserve

Information TreeMidwest Legal & eData is providing an e-mail listserve or information tree. This service is being provided FREE of charge. There are two aspects to this program: receipt of factual information and the inquiry facet. The factual information aspect will provide you with pertinent updates relating to paralegal work and the field of law. The inquiry aspect allows the user to ask or respond to other member’s questions. We all know how important networking is; we also know that sometimes a mystery has already been solved by someone else.

This service will allow the members to share information, learn new things, and effectively manage their time. As a participant in the information tree, you can choose to just receive the factual information, to participate in the inquiry program or both. PLEASE NOTE, if you decide that you do not want to receive questions, you CANNOT ask any questions.

If you would like your name added, simply e-mail: and we will add you to the list.

All inquiries should be sent to We will forward them on without mention of the person/firm that submitted the inquiry. This will ensure confidentiality and restrict any unauthorized use of the list.

Any responses we receive will be forwarded to the person that submitted the question. If anyone, upon receiving the question is also interested in receiving the responses, let us know and we will forward them to you as well.

This will not be used for junk mail or vendor promotion. This is FYI purposes only. If you know of someone that is interested in joining the list, submissions should be made to