Midwest Imaging & eData Support

Established in 2001, Midwest Imaging, a division of Midwest Legal & eData Services, Inc., is a multi-service scanning bureau. From electronic discovery to corporate record retention, we are able to fill all your imaging needs. By taking advantage of the experience of a qualified paralegal staff, Midwest Imaging is more than just a copy house.

Document imaging neatly coincides with many of other services provided by Midwest Legal & eData. Database construction and document coding are just some of the many services we provide.

Following Our Own Advice
before after
before after

Midwest has been continually touting the advantages of imaging documents. We have stated time and time again that it not only is a time saver, but a space saver. We realized that it was time to start heeding our own advice.

Boxes of past invoices had been accumulating in our office manager’s work space and he was running out of room. He approached the imaging team to help him with his dilemma. The imaging team quickly went to work scanning the invoices which dated back to 1989. The six boxes neatly fit onto one CD after they had been imaged. Just take a look at the before and after pictures.