Midwest Legal & eData Services Inc.

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Midwest Legal and eData Services Inc. is a technology driven company and an expert in the evolving field of Electronic Discovery. Midwest, a Wisconsin Corporation was founded in September 1989. As a client-focused business, Midwest cultivated its excellent reputation through successful vendor relationships with law firms and corporate legal departments.

Midwest’s highly trained team has been providing support across the entire litigation life cycle with experienced paralegals available on an as-needed basis and a sophisticated, certified team of eDiscovery analysts knowledgeable in the complicated eData arena. Investments in state of the art equipment and cutting edge software tools has allowed the Midwest staff to embrace the dynamics of advancing technology. It is our goal to support your legal practice style at whatever level you choose and to provide consultation on resources and the execution of services in a manner that is practical, efficient and cost effective.

Our eDiscovery acquisition offerings include hard drive imaging, forensic data imaging, mobile data (phones), and data collection from most types of media including floppies, zip disks, usb flash (thumb/pen) drives. These collection services can be done either remotely or onsite based on your requirements.

Other eDiscovery services include consulting, data analysis, processing, production, and hosting with online document review. We have expertise in email collections whether that is Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, or Windows email. Additionally, Midwest also provides certified training, document imaging, document management, claims management, data recovery, trial resource and presentation services.